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Updated: Aug 3

Stop 7

Europe Interrail Days 14-16

Getting There

I boarded the train in Budapest at 15:42, arriving in Zagreb at 21:52. I hopped on a bus outside the train station and headed to the hostel.


I stayed in a large room with triple bunk beds at the Swanky Mint Hostel. The beds were easily accessible, and the lockers in this room were reasonably spacious.

This hostel features a free-use outdoor pool, as well as, a restaurant and bar.

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Day One

September 14, 2022

I checked into the hostel around 10:30 p.m. and went to the bar area to see what was happening. I had a drink there, and on the way back to my dorm room, two guys stopped me and invited me to join them for a night out.

We joined a group of people on a bar crawl before I left for pizza and bed.

Day Two

September 15, 2022

I woke up, showered and got ready for the day. I left the hostel to explore: the shortest funicular, Museum of Broken Relationships, St. Marks Church, and Stone Gate Boerboelds.


I ate breakfast at Otto & Frank and recalled a man I know, Cam, from a travel group in which we both participate would be in Zagreb around the same time. I contacted him to meet up.


We met at the Hangover Museum, which was fun to explore. When we arrived, they handed us “beer goggles” and asked us to throw a dart into a dart board, which we both failed to do. They also provided a small bottle of wine for us to enjoy whilst we toured the museum, which we gladly accepted, although it was still early in the morning.

The Museum of Illusions was our next entertaining stop. As we prepared to leave, torrential rain began to fall, so we decided to stop at a bar for a drink before Cam left for his next destination.


Due to the weather, I went to the common room to see if anyone was there. I began talking with Gem and Wil, a lovely couple, about our travels thus far and how easy (or difficult) it had been to meet others along the way. We also talked about ourselves, where we were from, and where we intended to travel next.

I left the common room when the rain stopped, grabbed my raincoat, and went to explore more of Zagreb. I had intended to explore the old town, but wandered too far and ended up in a park; it was lonely here with no one else around and no phone service to search for anything nearby.

I noticed a few nearby restaurants and decided to try one, but they were str

ange about seating me at a table and would not come over to take my order. It was an odd and unnerving experience. I left the restaurant and took the bus back to the hostel. I ate at the Swanky Monkey Garden hostel restaurant for dinner.


When I entered the common room, I noticed Gem and Wil. We had a hot beverage and talked for hours while hiding from the rain before returning to our dorm room.