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Travel Day 1 Europe Interrail

Updated: Aug 3

Brussels to Copenhagen

I included Copenhagen in my interrail since I had planned to visit friends who were also visiting the city at the time, but it was a major detour from the other cities I had intended to visit on this journey.

My train ride from Bruxelles-Nord to Koebenhavn H should have taken 14 hours, but it took me 20 hours.

Here is how my journey should have played out:

  • 16:32 Depart Bruxelles-Nord

  • 18:16 Arrive at Koeln Hbf

  • 53m Wait

  • 19:09 Depart Koeln Hbf

  • 23:16 Arrive at Hamburg Hbf

  • 40m Wait

  • 23:56 Depart Hamburg Hbf

  • 06:49 Arrive in Copenhagen

Totalling a journey of 14 hours.

Here is the reality of how my journey played out:

  • 16:32 Depart Bruxelles-Nord

  • 18:16 Arrive at Koeln Hbf

  • 63m Wait

  • 19:19 Depart Koeln Hbf

  • 22:30 Train stops at Bremen due to an interference on the track ahead.

  • 11:30 Train Conductor asks all passengers heading to Berlin and Copenhagen to book into a hotel for the night and continue the journey the following day or find other transport methods.

  • I booked a Flix Bus which was due to arrive 1:30am

  • 1:30am I had already waited 2 hours in the cold, in the middle of the night for a bus that didn’t show up

  • 3:30am The bus finally showed up, 2 hours late.

  • 12pm, I arrived in Copenhagen, 6 hours later than I had planned.

Although the journey was inconvenient, it wasn’t all that unpleasant. When the train conductor informed us of the situation and our options, he spoke in a foreign language that I couldn’t comprehend. Fortunately, there was a young man opposite who spoke fluently in several languages and could translate.

We hopped off the train together and headed to the bus stop, where we passed the time playing cards and talking about what brought us here and other topics.

This young man had a flight scheduled from Copenhagen and didn’t have the time to wait for the bus since it was already 2 hours late and we couldn’t be certain it would show up, so he rushed off to grab a taxi only 10 minutes or so before the bus arrived.

The drivers helped us to pack our luggage into the bottom of the bus and scanned our tickets so we could get on.

I went upstairs and chose a seat, they all had USB sockets which allowed me to charge my phone, headphones and power bank. I fell asleep fairly quickly (no surprise with the long day I’d already had and the fact it was gone 3 am).

We were woken up once for border control where they checked all our passports before allowing us to continue our journey to Copenhagen.

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