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Scotland Camping Trip

Updated: Aug 8

Getting There

We drove 7 hours from Chorley to the Campsite in Glencoe.


Red Squirrel Campsite

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Day One

We left at 10:30 a.m. and arrived at the campsite about 5:30 p.m. We unloaded the car, set up our tents, got out our camp chairs, and sat for a minute before dinner. I'd packed tortellini and pasta sauce, which I prepared on my camp stove. When everyone arrived at the campsite, they gathered around the fire to relax, toast marshmallows, and converse. All while being eaten alive by a swarm of midges.

Day Two

We knew the weather wasn't going to be great today, so we got up, ate breakfast, and decided to make our way to Glen ridden Viaduct, where you can see the Harry Potter Jacobite Steam Train. We walked around the area, went into the shop, and observed the monument by the waters edge.

We returned to the campsite, stopping on the way for more snacks, a meal deal for the next day, and drinks.

We returned to the campsite and decided to walk up to Hagrid's Hut to see where the scenes from Harry Potter were filmed before heading to the pub for a few of drinks. Back at camp, some of us cooked, while others ate from the food truck. As the weather began to cool, we lit the fire in preparation for another relaxing evening of listening to music, drinking, fighting off midges, and getting to know each other better.

Day Three

We got up at 6 a.m., ate breakfast, dressed, and left the campsite at 7 a.m. for the Ben Nevis Car Park. For our ascent of Ben Nevis, we took the Pony Track (Tourist Track). I had intended to go the CMD route, but it made sense to stay together. We checked the weather forecast the night before and knew we'd have fantastic weather with 'excellent' views by the time we reached the summit.

It was warm as we walked up, but because the sun was covered behind clouds, we didn't become too hot and sweaty. We performed well by keeping together for the majority of the ascent, with only a few short breaks in between. There was a large patch of snow towards the summit that was easier to climb than imagined.

We spent some time at the summit admiring the views and marvelling at the fact that we couldn't feel the wind. Peaks are typically very chilly and windy, so you can't stay up there for long and have to hurry back down. It was good for us to be able to walk about, sit, and relax before heading back down the mountain.

We returned to the campsite and went for a wild swim in the river that ran through camp. The water was cold, but it was a pleasant way to complete the hike. We took a hot shower and then reconvened at camp.

For dinner, some went to the pub, some ate from the food truck on site, whilst others cooked on their own camping stoves.

After dinner, we made a fire and sat around it, chatting and drinking into the early hours of the morning.

Day Four

We got up, had coffee, ate breakfast, and then loaded everything into our cars. Because the weather was beautiful, we drove to Meeting of Three Waters for an afternoon of wild swimming and sunbathing before parting ways and driving home.

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Transport: £ 28

Accommodation: £ 50

Food + Drinks: £ ?

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