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Updated: Aug 3

It is very easy to overpack when backpacking. This is not ideal if you will be carrying your luggage for an extended period of time.

You should think about the following when packing for a trip:

  • The length of time you plan to travel for

  • The type of luggage you will be taking, i.e., a backpack, rucksack, or suitcase

  • The size of the luggage you will be taking.

  • What essentials are required?

  • The weight of your luggage? I suggest no more than 15-20kg.

TIP! There's no need to overpack. Always leave room at the top of your bag for any purchases you make while travelling.

I packed one week's worth of clothes and underwear for an 18-day trip. You can find washing machines in the cities where you will be staying, or you can do what I did and book hostels with washing machines so you're able to do your laundry when necessary.

Packing cubes are a useful item to purchase as they keep your luggage organised and allow you to pack more in to your rucksack. Here's a few options:

04 Piece - £18.91

06 Piece - £9.99

07 Piece - £23.99

08 Piece - £23.99

11 Piece - £16.99

Ultimate Packing List

Don't Leave Without


Other Items

The best place to find travel and packing essentials is Amazon.

It is also great for using Amazon Music on your travels or Audible Digital Autobooks.

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If you need any advice on what to pack, read my Packing List Blog. The best place to find travel and packing essentials is Amazon.

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