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Updated: Aug 3

Stop 8

Europe Interrail Days 17-18

Getting There

I arrived in Munich at 06:29 a.m. after boarding a sleeper train from Zagreb.

On this train, I was given a bed in a 6-person cabin, and we were woken twice for railway ticket and passport inspections.


I stayed at A&o Munchen Hackerbrucke hostel, which is close to the railway station and appears to be in a good location.

In terms of complimenting the hostel, I spent too little time here to endorse it.

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Day 1

September 17, 2022

I arrived in Munich and headed straight to the hostel to drop off my luggage before exploring and stopping for breakfast enroute.

With only 24 hours in Munich, I opted to take a walking tour.

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After this, I went to meet Brandon to go Dirndl shopping. We met a few days before in Budapest and arranged to meet in Munich and attend Oktoberfest together because we happened to be there on similar dates. I bought a dirndl and rushed back to the hostel to change before heading to Oktoberfest.

Before venturing into the various tents, we grabbed a German Bratwurst for lunch. We settled in one tent, seated at a table among locals who attend Oktoberfest every year. They appeared to enjoy conversing, playing cards, drinking, and dancing with us.

After our time at this table expired, they asked us to join them at a second table they had reserved and been using for the past 30 years. We sat here with their families and friends. It was a great atmosphere, with everyone being friendly and welcoming.

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Transport: £27.26

Accommodation: £78.31

Food + Drinks: £43.12

Activities: £61.66

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