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Emilia Singh - 31st August 2023


Places To Eat

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Zarowka Cafe

When we got to Krakow, we immediately went for lunch. We discovered a cafe that served bagels, coffee, and other items.

Zarowka Cafe, food, dumplings, krakow, poland, where, what, eat, things to do, bagel, healthy, what do they eat, soup in bread
Chlopskie Jadlo

For dinner, we headed to a local restaurant that served Soup in Bread. If you consume all of the soup before ripping the bread wall, this is a really practical dish.

Zarowka Cafe, food, krakow, poland, where, what, eat, things to do, seak and wine, popular, known for healthy
MooMoo Steak & Wine

We came across this restaurant on google maps and fancied steak that evening. The location of the venue was ideal for the other things we wanted to do. The steak had an incredible flavour, was presented well, and was cooked to perfection.

Dessert, Waffles, Zakopane

While looking for the best hot chocolate in Zakopane, we stumbled upon this place. We couldn't resist ordering desserts, which were delicious.


Places To Drink

Wodka Cafe Bar

Poland has an immense market for vodka. At this bar, you can sample every flavour. I mistakenly ordered the bitter flavours instead of the "sweetest" because I believed you had to choose the row of flavours from the board. We were seated just over the bar, which was the greatest spot in the house.


Krakow Activities + Day Trips

Krakow, activities, things to do, places to go, a day in krakow, 4 days, 24 hours
Old Town

Wawel castle, krakow, things to do, places, viewpoint, stunning, instagram
Wawel Castle

Sandomeister Tower

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Chochołowska Baths

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Zakopane + Sleeping Knight + Funicular

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