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Ho Chi Minh City ~ Sài Gòn, Vietnam

Updated: Nov 3

4 Day Itinerary



  • Arrive, Settle into accommodation and wander around the City to get your bearings.

  • Central Post Office, built in 1891. Admire the stunning architecture and buy postcosts to write and post home from here.

  • Tan Dinh Church

  • Turtle Lake

  • Book Street

  • Notre Dame Cathedral

  • The Cafe apartments

  • Independence Palace

  • Bui Vien Street

  • Dinner at Gyu Shige - Cook your own Wagu

Image 3 context, I am travelling Vietnam with a friend and the cutest Vietnamese Child kept coming to our table intigued with the food we ordered.

We arrived at our Hostel in Ho Chi Minh City two hours early, and the rain began to fall! We had already mentioned we wanted to have mani/pedis so we headed to 'Ri-o Nail & More'. I couldn't recommend them more. When we went in, the women were incredibly excited. I had my nails painted as well as massages and other treatments, and each of us had two women working on us. One on the hands and arms and one on the feet and legs. After a lengthy flight, we were exhausted and dozed off and on for two hours.


TIP! To get around Vietnam, use Grab taxis. Book via the app to take you from the airport to your accommodation. o get around Vietnam, hire a Grab taxi. In comparison to Hanoi, the city has a much heavier traffic flow so if you start to cross the roads, DO NOT STOP. Simply keep moving, and the traffic will flow around you.



  • Breakfast at Ny Khách Công Doàn - I recommend the banana+ honey pancakes with cold

  • Book the Mekong Delta & Vinh Trang Pagoda Tour with Get Your Guide where you can try coconut milk, various foods, snake wine and more.

  • Dinner in Ho Chi Minh at Pham Ngu Lao, try the famous dish Pho



  • Wake Up, have breakfast and head to the War Remnants Museum.

  • Book the Cu Chi Tunnels Tour for more insight into the War. You don't have to enter the tunnels if you don't want to.

  • Dinner at Pham Ngu Lao



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Day 4

  • Start the day with a Bānh Mì from Huynh Hoa

  • Ben Thanh Market

  • Central Market

  • Independence Palace

  • Saigon Botanical Gardens

  • Tao Dan Park

  • Maison Mario Chocolate Cafe

  • Little Hanoi egg coffee

  • Saigon Sky Deck

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