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Updated: Aug 3

Stop 2

Europe Interrail Days 3-6

Getting There

I finally arrived in Copenhagen after a 20-hour journey from Brussels! We were dropped off outside Koebenhavn H which was only a short walk to the hostel.

Day One

September 03, 2022

The check-in desk was crowded, so I went straight to my friend’s room, dropped off my luggage, and quickly freshened up for the day.

We headed straight to Christiana, for around 1 pm. Walking around this part of Copenhagen was an intriguing experience.

Freetown Christiana, Copenhagen

Lunch and Dinner

We headed to Broens for drinks. I ordered a cocktail and a dry noodle veggie bowl as I hadn’t eaten.

We walked down to Nyhavn to admire the beautiful architecture of the canal side residences before returning to Broens for dinner. I ordered a delicious chocolate pancake with fruit and a strawberry lemonade, costing £14 (GBP) in total.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Broens, Copenhagen

We had signed up for a pub crawl that evening, which led us to several clubs where we drank, danced, and took lots of photos.

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Day Two

September 04, 2022

We rented bikes from the hostel and rode them to Rosenberg Castle. We took a stroll through The Kings Garden and stopped for a quick snack at Herkules Pavillonen Cafe.

Streets of Copenhagen
Rosenberg Castle, Copenhagen
Herkules Pavillonen Cafe


I then returned to the hostel on my bike, passing by other friends along the way. I parked the bike and walked to Grd, a restaurant, for a friend’s birthday breakfast.

Grd, Restaurant


I met up with Marlena and took the underground to Amager Beach Park. Walking across the bridge to the beach was very windy, but we had stunning views and could observe people participating in water sports like kayaking and windsurfing.

From here we got back on the underground and headed to the church of our saviour. This building is 249ft tall and has stunning 360 views. However, it has 400 steps to climb before you reach the top and is very narrow with very few passing points.

After we had spent a little time here, admiring the views, we made our way back down and travelled back to the hostel.

Amager Strand
Church of Our Saviour


Sunset Boat Ride

Back at the hostel we freshened up, got ready, had pre drinks and prepared a mini surprise for the birthday girl, in which we decorated the room with balloons and banners & presented her a bottle of Prosecco and other gifts we had purchased for her. We then had to rush off for a sunset boat cruise we had booked & were almost late for!

Once we arrived at the doc and found where we needed to get the boats, those in the group who wanted to drive them were given a brief lesson before we were left to our own devices. After we had spent time laughing and snapping photos, it was so much fun just talking, laughing harder and enjoying the views and sunset.

From there, we went back to Broens for food and drinks, followed by an evening of partying at other clubs before heading back to the hostel.

Day Three

September 05, 2022

Those who wanted an early start, met in reception at 9 am, and I checked out because I was leaving at midnight.

We took the underground from Kobenhaven H to Osterport and strolled towards The Little Mermaid statue, passing the Maritime Monument on route. We walked through the park towards St Andrews Church, passing by the Ivar Huitfeldt Column and the Gefion Fountain along the way.

Maritime Monument
The Little Mermaid

When we entered St Andrews Church, we were stunned by the stained glass windows and suspended lighting. This church was built in 1887 and took only 2 years to complete. Arthur Blomfield designed it as a Gothic Revival. We walked around the church and marvelled at the architecture before continuing to Fredriks Church, stopping at a tourist gift shop along the way.

St Andrews Church
St Andrews Church Interior

We had spotted this church whilst climbing up the church of our saviour. So we were curious to find out what it was and take a closer look.

This building’s architecture style is Baroque / Rocco and was designed by the architects Nicolai Eigtved and Ferdinand Meldahl in 1749, established in 1749.

Fredriks Church, Copenhagen

The interior is just as stunning as the exterior, with intricate design and colour displayed in the ceiling and lettering written around the entire circumference. If you glance up, you will notice a stained glass window as soon as you enter the structure.

Fredriks Church, Copenhagen
Fredriks Church
Stained Glass Window

From here, we passed Amalienborg, Christian VII’s Palace and Christian IX’s Palace. We noticed guards stationed outside the building and cars arriving with VIPs inside, but we couldn’t tell who they were.



We strolled back down towards the park, along the water, to catch the next ferry to Reffen, which I highly recommend if you’re searching for street cuisine. There are ample amounts of options to choose from with picnic bench seating, sun loungers, deck chairs, sand and even skate ramps.