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Updated: Aug 3

Stop 3

Europe Interrail Days 6-7

Getting There

I arrived in Berlin at 9:22 a.m. My first priority was to head towards the main desks and purchase a 48-hour travel pass.

My next priority was breakfast. I caught a bus just outside the station to Distrikt Coffee, where I had an avocado toast and a caramel latte.

Day One

September 06, 2022

I went to Gedenstätte Bernauer Straße after breakfast to visit the Berlin Wall and the Windows of victims.

Berlin Wall

From here, I made my way to the hostel, grabbing a scooter en route because my backpack felt too heavy to carry. I rode past Zionskirche and decided to have a look at the exterior before continuing on my journey.


I arrived at the hostel early, before check-in, and was able to do all of my laundry and take a shower to freshen up. While I waited, I sat in the bar to charge my phone and chatted with a few other guys who were also travelling alone. One, who I later discovered would be sharing the same dorm room as myself.

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When I finally checked in at 2 p.m., my room was still not ready, so I was offered free breakfast as part of my stay.

As I was about to walk up to my dorm room, I passed one of the guys on his way back downstairs and he offered to wait for me whilst I got ready.

Half an hour or so later, we set off to go sightseeing. We visited the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche, The Victory Column and Brandenburg Gate.

Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtnis Kirche
The Victory Column
Brandenburg Gate

We parted ways from there because I was starting to feel unwell. I went to a 7-Eleven for food and refershments because I hadn’t consumed either since I arrived that morning.

Day Two

September 07, 2022

I got up at a reasonable hour after sunrise, ate breakfast and hopped on a scooter to see the three locations listed below. Some of the streets where I had to go slightly off-road were cobbled, which made my brain shake!

Berliner Fernsehturm
Friedrichswerdersche Kirche
Humboldt Promenade

I rode back to the hostel to get ready and eat breakfast before continuing on with my day.

First, I needed to go to the Reichtag dome to reserve a time slot and acquire a complimentary ticket for that evening. In order to do so, I needed to provide some type of identification (I used my driving license).

Next, I wanted to pay my respects and visit The Memorial to the Murdered Jews, a Holocaust memorial for Jewish victims.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

I walked towards Kollhoff Tower / Panoramapunkt from here and purchased a ticket before taking Europe’s fastest elevator up to the observation deck. The perimeter was surrounded by railings which made me slightly disappointed as they obscured my view.

I proceeded to the restaurant for a drink, cake, and to take in the views from a window seat.



I contacted a girl I knew was also in Berlin at the time. We agreed to meet in Gendarmenmarkt for lunch and to see the Anne Frank Centre. Passing Museum Sinsel and Neue Wache, which homes a heartwrenching statue of a mother embracing her deceased son.

Konzerthaus Berlin
Neue Wache
Anne Frank Centre
Berlin Cathedral Museum Island
Altes Museum Museum Island
Schillerdenkmal Gendarmenmarkt

Marie Elisabeth Lüders Haus

After having a lovely time meeting a new friend, I went back to the hostel to change before returning to the Reichstag Building/Dome.

When I arrived, I had some time to kill, so I walked around the building and sat by the lake, facing Marie Elisabeth Lüders Haus, where many people were seated or enjoying an evening run. I FaceTimed my family to catch up and share my adventures so far.

When the time came, I went around to the entrance, handed in my ticket, and waited to be shown into the lift. We were able to take a headset and emark on a self-guided tour.

Roaming around the roof top and within the dome while listening to facts about the history and numerous sites that we could see from different points.

I stepped out of the dome to check out the views from the roof just as lightning struck. It was an exciting experience to see the lightning bolt.