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Before You Go – Interrail Edition

Updated: Aug 3

Things to consider

  1. Do you want to take a rucksack or suitcase?

  2. If a suitcase, would this be suitable for the paths / paving surfaces? E.g cobblestones or staircases.

  3. If a rucksack, have you weighed it to ensure it’s not too heavy? I would recommend it weigh no heavier than 20kg.

TIP! When travelling with a rucksack always make sure to pack lighter items and leave room in the top of the bag for any extras you may buy during your travels.

TIP! Buy a rucksack with zips which open all the way down for easy access. Rather than one with access only from the top.


Opt to purchase a 40l ruckack for your travels with a detachable 15-20l backpack. This way you are able to keep your luggage with you on the aircraft, can avoid paying a higher fare for a larger bag and won't waste quality travel time by having to check in your luggage.

It is also more beneficial to opt for the smaller sized luggage compared to purchasing a 60l rucksack as you won't waste time needing to collect your luggage after departing the aircraft or need to worry about it getting lost in enroute.

Things To Do

Research the destination and use My Maps or Google Maps Lists to save these locations and include notes.


I am an organised person and like to plan (whilst allowing for flexibility). I used google sheets to set out my itinerary and keep all the information for my trip in one place.

Select the link below to see an example spreadsheet.

I have recently been looking into my travel plans for Australia in 2023 and through research have found that you can create itineraries in multiple ways, some which look like those you’d find on websites such as Gap360 or Intro Travel. I will do a separate post on this.

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